SOUCABL is pronounced like the word "sociable." With the focus on the South, you'll meet other people with similar challenges and different ideas. Come see what it's all about!

2020 SOUCABL Conference: the next SOUCABL Conference will be held at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia again on March 11 - March 13, 2020.

The first SOUCABL Conference (Southern University and College Academic Business Librarians Conference) was held in Athens, Georgia at the University of Georgia Libraries on March 29 – 30, 2019. 

Read what people said about the 2019 Conference:

"As a business librarian, SOUCABL was the most on-target conference I’ve ever attended. The attendees were a nice mix of academic business librarians ranging from early-career to seasoned professionals. It was well organized, and was a good forum to discuss ideas, issues and strategies. The smaller size of the conference allowed for more intimate and unhurried sessions and networking opportunities. I got to know several business librarians really well, and am even collaborating on a project this year with someone I just met at this conference. Going beyond the learning opportunities, this was a fun group to spend time with. I will definitely attend next year." -- Judy Geczi, Research & Instruction Librarian for Business, Saint Louis University

"Overall the conference was a great experience for me. The content really hit the spot and networking-wise it could not have been a better, more enjoyable group of people to get on with. Aside from BLINC workshops, I’ve never attended a full conference where every session felt so directly related to my work. I left SOUCABL feeling inspired and satisfied. This conference was more than worth its price tag and was only a short distance from North Carolina. I look forward to going back and hopefully presenting with librarians I made connections with this past year." -- Summer Krstevska, Business, Economics & Data Access Librarian, Wake Forest University

"I am so glad I went to SOUCABL. I echo Summer’s comment about meeting great people and benefiting from the excellent content. I also appreciated how many vendors were in attendance. As an early-career business librarian, the whole collections-thing can be rather daunting. Susan Klopper specifically mentioned the vendor community in her keynote and working with vendors is often brought up at BLINC workshops. This conference was a low-key opportunity to meet vendors for many of the databases and products I currently manage and start building relationships with those vendors." -- Nancy Lovas, Business & Entrepreneurship Librarian, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


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