Roses, Crowns and Thorns: Feedback from 2019 SOUCABL Conference 
CrownNetworking opportunities; make food time collaborative time?4
CrownShort presentations
CrownVendor participation & networking with them3
CrownFood, peanuts, catering GREAT!2
CrownDo an NCAA March Madness, Bonding time.
Rose Susan Klopper's keynote
Rose Intimacy of size of conference3
Rose Being regional
Rose Competency workshop after Susan Klopper's keynote2
Rose Location amazing, size, price, Athens6
Rose Having the vendor tables and being able to get trials
Rose Vendor - having it on Saturday was better to escape office demands
ThornWant more time to talk about projects we want to do with other people
ThornWant to be able to ID common interests/research/writing before the conference; have a message board in advance?2
ThornTight time for transitions between sessions; need time to decompress and absorb what happened in between, more breaks?2
ThornMake it two days? Time was fast, too compressed? Day from 7 am to 9 pm too long6
ThornMorning start too early; maybe have coffee first then brunch instead of breakfast and lunch?3
ThornHave more lead time from request for posters & presentations to conference/ Jonathan Torres volunteer to manage
ThornDo peer review of presentations, maybe technical papers, prior to conference; supports those with faculty status4
ThornSaturday vs. during the week - attendee
ThornHave a way to follow-up with content; backload it

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