"As a business librarian, SOUCABL was the most on-target conference I’ve ever attended. The attendees were a nice mix of academic business librarians ranging from early-career to seasoned professionals. It was well organized, and was a good forum to discuss ideas, issues and strategies. The smaller size of the conference allowed for more intimate and unhurried sessions and networking opportunities. I got to know several business librarians really well, and am even collaborating on a project this year with someone I just met at this conference. Going beyond the learning opportunities, this was a fun group to spend time with. I will definitely attend next year." -- Judy Geczi, Research & Instruction Librarian for Business, Saint Louis University

"Overall the conference was a great experience for me. The content really hit the spot and networking-wise it could not have been a better, more enjoyable group of people to get on with. Aside from BLINC workshops, I’ve never attended a full conference where every session felt so directly related to my work. I left SOUCABL feeling inspired and satisfied. This conference was more than worth its price tag and was only a short distance from North Carolina. I look forward to going back and hopefully presenting with librarians I made connections with this past year." -- Summer Krstevska, Business, Economics & Data Access Librarian, Wake Forest University

"I am so glad I went to SOUCABL. I echo Summer’s comment about meeting great people and benefiting from the excellent content. I also appreciated how many vendors were in attendance. As an early-career business librarian, the whole collections-thing can be rather daunting. Susan Klopper specifically mentioned the vendor community in her keynote and working with vendors is often brought up at BLINC workshops. This conference was a low-key opportunity to meet vendors for many of the databases and products I currently manage and start building relationships with those vendors." -- Nancy Lovas, Business & Entrepreneurship Librarian, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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