-Welcome & Opening Remarks

Speaker: Rahn Huber
-  Keynote Speaker, "Building a Sustainable Future in Academic Libraries: How Business Librarians Can Help," Katharine Macy, IUPUI
Speaker: Katharine Macy

Academic libraries are facing a myriad of challenges, which Covid-19 only helped to magnify. Changes are necessary for how we make collections decisions, deliver services, and provide programs to support higher education to ensure that the library can operate sustainably while helping our stakeholders understand the value of our work in meeting the strategic goals of our institutions. Business librarians can play an integral role in this work with their knowledge, experience, and connections.

-  Morning Break

Speakers: Rebecca Frankel, Kathy Stevenson, Richard Miller, Dan Gingert, Lisa Raker, Patti French, Joseph Mazur, Sarah Fainman, Alison Agnew

-Lunch & Poster Sessions

Speakers: Allison Cruse, Nancy Lovas, Blake Robinson, Teddy Stocking, Doris Jui, Yvette Williams, Maxwell Hackman

What’s Next for Collection Development: Perspectives From a Small Liberal Arts College, Blake Robinson

News They Can Use: Lessons From The Virtual Newsrack, Teddy Stocking

Building Strategic Partnerships, Doris Jui

Business Management Resources on The Go! Working in Less-Than-Ideal Circumstances in Unprecedented Times, Yvette Williams

Standardization through Customization with the State of Florida’s College Curriculum Committee, Maxwell Hackman

-  Presentations

Speakers: Dr. Rachel Kirk, Sarah Hammill, Nora Wood, Saira Raza, Michelle Colquitt, Wendy Pothier, Jennifer Horne, Summer Krstevska, Nancy Lovas, Allison Cruse,

Using LibCRM to Cultivate Relationships With Business Faculty, Dr. Rachel Kirk

Zooming Into Breakout Rooms for Library Instruction in Business, Sarah Hamill

Minute Interview Video Blogs: Building Close Connections From a Distance, Nora Wood & Saira Raza

Grow Your Own: Creating a Professional Network From Home, Michelle Colquitt & Wendy Pothier

When Traditional Outreach Isn't Working: A New Business Librarian Strikes Out, Jennifer Horne

Now What? Building a Research Project to Help Students Bridge the Gap Between Personal Experience and Business Contexts, Summer Krstevska, Nancy Lovas & Allison Cruse

-  Afternoon Break

-   Closing Speaker, "Big Tech and the Problem of Censorship," Matt Stoller

Speakers: Matt Stoller, Trip Wyckoff

-    SOUCABL Wrap-Up, Roses, Crowns & Thorns

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