Roses, Crowns and Thorns: Feedback from the 2020 SOUCABL Conference


Excellent second rendition

Best conference ever

Good size, but could grow some

Social events that gave us a chance to get to know each other

Vendor Roundtables



Emphasis on instruction

Definitely keep having the conference

Vendor time was very interesting

Amazing people to network with             

Afternoon presentation sessions

Opening Reception & Happy Hour

The schedule ending early on Friday is great!

Also vendor receptions were fantastic!

Vendor Round Table

Fed Session

Format: liked the number of sessions and time allotted for them.

Food as a part of registration.

Great networking opportunity.


Potential collaborations

Quality of Presenters

Keep holding the conference. Such a great idea!

Interesting talks. Lots of interesting topics.

Keep doing this conference, please! It was well organized and most of the content applied to my job.


Number of presentations


I really enjoyed meeting other “Biz Libs” who are working close/near by


Round tables

Presentations by attendees



Small Groups

Social events that gave us a chance to get to know each other

Vendor Roundtables

Nice people

Went surprisingly smooth given the pandemic situation

Excellent presentations, great selection

I liked the interactive preconference

Keep it small & intimate

You pulled it off again. Thank you!!!

Vendor round robin and 20 minute presentation format.

Round table sessions (need a little longer time)

Really like the Q & A with WRDS. Keep doing this in the future with other vendors.

Keeping it small.

Perspective of researchers outside of academia


Loved the afternoon sessions from Thursday and a great preconference workshop.

Networking. Meeting other business librarians in various stages of their careers.

Know I’m not alone.

All the networking time is both fun and helpful

Time with vendors

Round tables

Having small & intimate discussion groups




No downtime, needs to be longer with more downtime built in

Round table presents should have a chance to see each other’s discussions

Later starts, especially on the last day (packing/checking out)

Work in breaks so we have time to see the area

Provide a campus tour

LABEL the box lunches! Otherwise the food was great

Keynote speaker missed the mark, could have been an opportunity for dialogue with an administrator

Roundtable session format out to have stayed the same as advertised in the CFP, we were told to switch just as conversations got going, our chat was cut short.

At the opening sessions, introduce the organizing/executive committee so we all know who you are!

Please be mindful of dietary restrictions. The food was delicious, however having signs of ingredients for all items would be good.

Maybe open registration a little earlier

Keynote address, topic needed to be related to Business Librarianship more.

Not really a thorn, but any way to include remote participation?

Opening keynote did not seem relevant to our work.

 Better timekeeping mechanisms for vendor round-robin/roundtables

Formalize presenter/poster/roundtables (double-blind peer review)

Better organization for roundtables.  (I did like the final format.)

I think a different keynote speaker would have been better. P.S. Ernie was awesome!

Opening Speaker

WRDS Speaker

Want more information on developing full credit courses

Keynote wasn’t very clear or well related to librarianship, business librarianship

Not properly marked food for allergies

Finger foods vs. dinner

More workshopping time

Really long first day

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